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Meet and Greet Parking at Birmingham Airport

Quick, convenient and great for all types of travellers

If you are short on time or simply want the most convenient parking at the airport then Meet and Greet is for you. only compares approved airport operators with secured parking storage. Best rates guaranteed!

Meet and Greet differs to Park and Ride in that there is no need to catch a shuttle bus from the car park to the terminal building. On arrival at the airport drive straight to the Departure lanes which are located outside the terminal entrance. Meet your driver there, complete a vehicle inspection and head straight to check-in.

On return to the airport make a call from the baggage hall to notify the driver that you are back and require your car. Your return flight will be monitored as well so they know roughly when to expect your call. Walk outside and pick up your vehicle.

This service is great if you have lots of luggage, are travelling with children or you simply want maximum parking convenience.

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disappointed customer


  • 4/5Practicality
  • 3/5Service
  • 4/5Driver Punctuality
  • 2/5Arrival Procedure
  • 4/5Departure Procedure
  • 3/5Value

"we dropped our car and they got muddled up to start with another customer, then our flight was cancelled so we only parked for 2 hours. They brought our car back within 10 minutes of us phoning which was good but we are disappointed as we were told we could not get a refund. So we paid £41 for 2 hours parking! When we go again we definitely won't be parking in meet and greet again at Birmingham Airport."

Steve M - Park Up Meet and Greet

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An alternative to Meet and Greet and Park and Ride, if you would like to be at the airport the night before or after you fly opt for combined hotel and parking. compares all airport hotels with best rates guaranteed.

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